• How wide is your wool

    • Do you ship your wool already washed?

    • How should I wash my new Wool?

    • Can I sew Clothing with Heavens to Betsy wool?

    • Do you have any tips for sewing with wool?

    • Returns or exchanges

    How wide is your wool top

    All of our wools average 58" wide ( unwashed )

    Do you ship your wool already washed? top


    A:   No, We do not wash the wool before sending it. We send it to you cut straight from the bolt so that you may decide how you would like to prepare the fabric for your particular crafting needs.


    How should I wash my new Wool? top


    A:   All Washers and Dryers are different. 

    Some tips for washing your wool are as follow:

    Try a cool/warm setting. Remembering that all washers are different ( my washer's cold/cool setting is actually a perfect warm setting )

    When drying your wool in the dryer we use a warm setting. You can put a tennis ball or dryer ball in with your wool if you would like.

    Remember to check your lint traps !  And why not use that for stuffing/felting project while you are at it.

    A rule of thumb is: If you are going to wash your finished product: Use the same setting to pre-wash your fabrics. 


    Can I sew Clothing with Heavens to Betsy wool? top


    A:  ABSOLUTELY !  Our wool is perfect for garments. Just remember to pre-wash ALL of your fabrics on the same setting before sewing if you are planning on washing it later on. This way all of your fabrics are pre-shrunk. Cotton, Linen, wool, silk all have a different shrinkage factor, So you will want them to all be on the same "page" sort of speak.


    Do you have any tips for sewing with wool? top


    A:  There are a few good things to remember before purchasing and cutting into your wool.

    * Wool is wider than cotton. Where cotton is usually 45" wide, Heavens to Betsy wool is at least 58" Wide. 

    * Wool is double - sided. Both sides are almost always the same (sometimes on rare occasion they are different or "reversible". We always make sure to let you know if it is. This is done on purpose to give more options)

    * The best tip for when sewing with wool : If you are working with a pattern with multiple pieces or any clothing pieces *** Label your "right" side. Wool looks so alike on both sides that it is Very Easy to be putting a garment together and not be able to tell which is the Right side/ Wrong side of the fabric Unlike Cotton which is blank on one side. Try using chalk or washable fabric marker or you can put a safety pin on the right side.

    * Try using a walking foot attatchment if you are having any difficulties with even stitching.


    Returns or exchanges top

    Returns and exchanges:

    Please contact us at 518-851-2149 or betsy@heavens-to-betsy.com . You will pay return postage.