March Hook-in is full 

next hook in is October 27th. Please follow Heavens to Betsy on Facebook to keep up to date on when registration opens. Thank you!

Heavens To Betsy Hook In

( Please note: If paying through website the fee is $32.00 due to Paypal/credit card fees. Or, You can send check or money order in the amount of $30.00 ~Thank You !)



March 31, 2017 9am – 3pm

  • At The Fall 158 Union Turnpike Hudson, NY
    We will have a gathering of rug hooking enthusiasts. Come
    spend the day and connect with old and new friends.
    There will
    be coffee and tea with pastries and muffins for a light
    breakfast treat. The lunch will be catered and served by
    Seasons Catering.
    Vendors for this event :
    Visions of Ewe, Anne Bond from Northville, Michigan
    The Old Tattered Flag, Julie and Carol from Evansmills,NY
    Folk Art for All Seasons, Lisa Evans from Vermont
    The Wool Farm, Loris Blandford from Frankford,Delaware
    Crows on a Wire, Fred Konig from Albany, NY
    The Country Crock, Marylou Mattice from Davenport, NY
    Heavens To Betsy, The Reed family
    We will be collecting for the Columbia –Greene Humane Society
    They do have a wish list – dry and canned cat & dog food,
    treats, rawhides, cat litter, laundry detergent, towels, paper
    towels, newspapers. They appreciate everything!
    Send in your registration to Heavens To Betsy
    46 State Route 23 Claverack NY 12513 - $30.00 for the day
    Checks only please. No refunds.
    ADDRESS_________________________________ _______________________________________
    Shoppers can come after 12pm - $5.00
    Any questions you can contact me at 518-851-2149
    Or email me at betsy@heaven-to-betsy.com



 The Falls

Located at

158 Union Turnpike

Hudson N.Y. 12534

It is 3 miles south of our old location. That is the address to use for the GPS devices.



Please pass this info on to anyone you think would be interested in coming for the day.

The cutoff date for registration is February 1st 2018. That way we have our total serving count for food.

Cancellations are non-refundable

A WAIT LIST will be provided if the hook in is full.


•  WAITING LIST will be maintained. In order to hold a spot on the waiting list, payment must be submitted with registration ‒ this payment will not be cashed unless a spot opens up prior to the March hook-in. Email notifications will be sent to each person on the waiting list as to their status.

PLEASE print clearly, So we can reach you and have the correct spelling of your name.


 Any questions please contact me at

betsy@heavens-to-betsy.com or 518-851-2149.


MARCH HOOK IN LIST OF ATTENDEES ( if you do not see your name on this list we have not received a check from you by todays date of 1/18/2018 .

If after 1/18/2018 scroll down -Not in alphabetical order

  1. Andy Budd
  2. Ann Hummel
  3. Barbara Brady
  4. Barbara Lecam
  5. Barbara MacCormack
  6. Beth Wager
  7. Bonnie Roycewicz
  8. Brenda Williams
  9. Christine Moran
  10. Dayle Wheeler
  11. Donna Trundy
  12. Fran King
  13. Gail Lapierre Sarah Shanahan
  14. Jane Griswold
  15. Jennifer Bubie
  16. Joanne Dellavalle
  17. Jolene Rugar
  18. Joyce Wenz
  19. Judy Brill – Ruszala
  20. Judy Croteau
  21. Karen Brahn
  22. Kathi Scarfuro
  23. Kathryn Serrentino
  24. Katie O’Brien
  25. Kim Palmer
  26. Lainy Young
  27. Laree Collingwood
  28. Laura Zwack
  29. Leslie Morris
  30. Linda Becker
  31. Linda Boyd
  32. Lisa Cartolano
  33. Lisa Hendricks
  34. Liz Marino
  35. Lynn Seftner
  36. Marigo Brandt
  37. Marilou Leclaire
  38. Martha Sherman-Czuhanick
  39. Mary Drumm
  40. MaryEllen Gilroy
  41. Nadine Hahne
  42. Nancy Lee Ross
  43. Natalie Kahan
  44. Nora Adelman
  45. Patricia Cramer
  46. Patricia Stewart
  47. Phyllis Thompson
  48. Roberta Glanz
  49. Sandy McGuiness
  50. Sarah Hummel
  51. Sarah Jones
  52. Sharon Florek
  53. Susan Brandt
  54. Suzanne Thing
  55. Syrl Ann Kazlo
  56. Eunice Pecola
  57. Sharon Jensen
  58. Jan Sabellico
  59. Barbara Foote
  60. Loraine Angelico
  61. Ellen Levantis
  62. Tara Becker
  63. Judy Hettisheimer
  64. Doris Manker
  65. Mary Lou Mattice
  66. Jill Reed
  67. Joyce Reed
  68. Carol Butcher
  69. Hildegard Edling
  70. Deanna Fritz
  71. Simone Chicoine
  72. Kristee Lacobucci
  73. Rosemarie Jurain
  74. Florence Van Vorst
  75. Marty Liptak
  76. Barbara Johnson
  77. Maureen Rugar
  78. Linda Beatty
  79. Sheila Kaiser
  80. Mary Lee O’Conner
  81. Mary Ann Bogner
  82. Kathy West
  83. Betty King
  84. Tonya Wright
  85. Dorothy Walsh
  86. Therisa Van Allen
  87. Sharon Charmello
  88. Carol Schick
  89. Dee Van Wormer
  90. Judith Sitterly
  91. Eleanor Jankowski
  92. Louise Dubois
  93. Susan Charbonneau
  94. Jackie Szatko
  95. Jane Herzhauser
  96. Lynda Sorenson
  97. Jaime Jacobs
  98. Debra Ennius
  99.  Jennifer Tucker
  100.  Sandy Cehowski
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