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Heavens to Betsy


Spring Hook In

Saturday March 30th 2019

                                                       9:30 – 3:30 p.m                                  

Doors open & registration begins at 9:00 a.m.


Follow our Facebook page for updates at:  Heavens to Betsy Hook In


All Attendance information including your reservation acceptance will be posted on our Facebook page that is dedicated to the hookins : HEAVENS TO BETSY HOOK INS page and our website

www.heavens-to-betsy.com  under the section titled: Hook In . If you are wait listed, We will use the information you provide below to contact you, please print clearly.



Location: The Falls in Hudson NY GPS address 158 Union Turnpike, Hudson, NY 12534

Use the side door entrance – There are parking directors to help with parking and attendants for golf cart rides to help you to and from your car. Please wait for them to get a lift to the building or just to have a fun ride!



Our GUEST TEACHERS the day prior ( Friday the 29th, at the Falls in Hudson NY ): Julie from The Old Tattered Flag, Carol from The Old Tattered Flag and Rebekah L. Smith assisted by Kelsey.


Watch our facebook page for class information or email erica@heavens-to-betsy.com to be put on the email list

 Note: Class Fee and Registration Must be separate checks



Cancellation Policy: No Refunds available. You may sell or gift your registration, on your own. Please let us know the name of the person(s) coming in your place for registration purposes.




Please detach and return this portion with your check or Money order for $35.00 Payable to Heavens to Betsy

Mail to : Heavens to Betsy   46 Route 23   Claverack, NY   12513






Heavens to Betsy


Class Registration


Friday March 29th 2019

 10am – 2pm

Located at The Falls in Hudson NY ballroom


Text Box: Please note:
Hook-in and classes must be paid  in separate checks/money orders.




Please choose the class of your choice:



_________  Julie from The Old Tattered Flag     $75  - Punch needled, Crewel Inspired bag  


_________ Carol from The Old Tattered Flag   $75 – Rug Hooked, Crewel inspired bag

                                       *Julie and Carol’s Class will be in the same room

    Bring necessary equipment; Rug hook * punch needle *  frame * scissors * etc.  This class is not recommended for beginners.




_________Rebekah L. Smith and Kelsey


       ____      Partridge Purse: $125                         Size: 8.5” x 7.5” Difficulty: Intermediate


       ____     Sungold Sewing Caddy: $120                 Size: 10.25” x 7.5” Difficulty: Beginner      

                          Circle one -   Options: Gold or Blue


Rebekah’s Supply List Please bring the following supplies with you to class: • Chenille #24 needles • A pencil • Pins • Paper scissors • Fabric Scissors


If room is not available in the class of your choice would you like to be the next in line for the another class? If so, Which one ?





Contact Information:


NAME _____________________________________________________________________